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Resources For Educators: Bernard Family Hall of North American Mammals

A wide shot of the Museum’s Hall of North American Mammals, empty of visitors, with the Alaskan brown bear visible in the background. The Hall of North American Mammals features 28 dramatic examples of the large and medium-sized mammals of the North American continent in carefully re-created habitats.Among the specimens are the bison of the Wyoming prairie, the moose and the brown bear of Alaska, jaguars in Mexico, mountain lions in the Grand Canyon, grizzlies in Yellowstone National Park, coyotes in California, beavers in Michigan, jackrabbits in Arizona, and wolves running at night in the glow of the northern lights over Minnesota.This hall also contains some of the finest examples of the painstaking background art that characterizes the Museum’s habitat dioramas: paintings by Belmore Browne, Charles Shepherd Chapman, Joseph Guerry, Francis Lee Jaques, Carl Rungius, Fred Scherer, and James Perry Wilson. It was Wilson, a Museum staff artist, who perfected the grid system for achieving undistorted landscapes within the curve of the diorama backgrounds.

The Bernard Family Hall of North American Mammals contains 43 magnificent dioramas that depict mammals across the continent in meticulously re-created landscapes. This comprehensive guide will help you explore the exhibition with your students.

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