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Woodworking tools

Part of Northwest Coast Hall.

From the Kwakwaka’wakw people of the Northwest Coast of the United States, several  woodworking tools including wooden wedges and stone chisels.

Collection Information

Kwakwaka’wakw woodworking tools and techniques. which were similar to those used throughout the Northwest Coast, are displayed here. In pre-white times, trees were felled with fire, usually at a distance from the village. The tree trunks were cut into logs by carefully controlled fires, planks were split off the logs with a set of seven wedges, and then the planks were planed with chisels and adzes. Pieces of wood were joined by sewing with cedar withes or by pegging. In the manufacture of boxes, a board was grooved, softened by steaming and bent into the proper shape to form the sides. The bottom was sewed or pegged to the sides.