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Mens clothing

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The clothing of the Nlaka’pamux, a tribe of the Plateau area, differs considerably, both in style and material, from the cedarbark robes and spruce root hats worn by the people of the Norhtwest Coast culture area.

Almost all Nlaka’pamux clothing was made of mammal skins, especially buckskin. Men wore shirts, belts breechclouts, leggings, moccasins, and headbands or halts. For cold weather, heavy robes, mittens, and socks of sagebrush bark were added; bark or skin ponchos were worn in rainy weather. In the southern part of Nlaka’pamux territory, a robe woven of mountain goat wool was worn instead of the shirt. After the arrival of Europeans, the Nlaka’pamux began to make European-style garments such as trousers and coats out of buckskin.