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Womens clothing

Part of Northwest Coast Hall.

Nlaka’pamux women wore a long poncho-style shirt, except in the southern part of Nlaka’pamux territory where robes of woven mountain goat wool are worn. The shirts were usually made of two buckskins, and reached bellow the waist. They were often fastened with a belt, and usually decorated with self fringes, shells, porcupine quills, and beads. Under the shirt, women wore a bodice of buckskin or a sagebrush bark. Leggings, moccasins, and a hat or headband completed the normal costume. In winter, skin robes and socks of sagebrush bark were added; and a poncho of skins or bark was used for protection from rain. Maidens wore a breechclout similar to the man’s breechclout on the extreme left.