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Petra: Lost City of Stone explores the caravan city of Petra and the nomadic desert traders, the Nabataeans, who built it creating a crossroads of the ancient world. This comprehensive guide will help you explore the exhibition with your students.

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Use these free online resources to further explore themes presented in the Petra exhibition.

Educator Materials Be an Exhibition Explorer in Petra: Lost City of Stone Go on an archaeological scavenger hunt to discover the significance of the objects displayed in the museum’s Petra exhibit—and get... Educator Materials Petra Web List Explore Petra and learn more about archaeology with this Web list for kids and adults. Educator Materials Petra Book List Want to learn more about archaeology but don't know where to start? Dig in with this list of books, with titles for both kids and... Educator Materials Making Mosaics Vivid mosaics of stone and glass cubes—some enhanced with precious gold leaf—once gleamed from the floor, walls, and ceiling of the... Educator Materials Do Your Own Dig With a few simple tools from around the house and garden, you can execute a sound archaeological dig. Level by stratigraphic level,... Educator Materials Where Did You Find It? Context is everything when it comes to identifying and understanding artifacts. Explore how archaeologists use surrounding objects... Educator Materials Shoebox Archaeology How does one generation stack up to the next? Find out why it’s easier for archaeologists to answer this question when a family settles... Educator Materials How Does Where You Live Shape How You Live? With access to products and information from around the world, our range of choices is seemingly endless. But how would life be different... Educator Materials Make a Scale Drawing It’s time to excavate the contents of your desk—that is, after you first create a scale drawing of the site. Explore how precise... Educator Materials Make Your Own Sifting Screen Archaeologists can’t just dig into a site like it’s a sandbox—they’d scramble the evidence and more than likely destroy precious...