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For Teachers

On Petra and the Nabataeans: 

The Complete Petra 
Check out this Web directory and guide to this ancient city, including history, archaeology, images, travel journals, and more. 
Get an extensive overview of Nabataean history and find links to additional resources.

Petra: Jordan's City in the Rock 
Take a virtual tour of National Geographic's exhibition on Petra.

Petra: The Great Temple Excavation 
Follow the archaeologists from Brown University as they excavate one of Petra's great structures.

On Archaeology: 

Read online articles from this official magazine of the Archaeological Institute of America.

The Archaeology Channel 
Check out these teacher resources, lesson plans, activities, news, videos, and audio.

Archaeological Parks in the U.S. 
Find archaeological parks in the United States by state or by region.

Cargoes from Three Continents 
Check out these lesson plans and teacher resources in this 200-page book that includes handy maps and drawings. Published by the Archaeological Institute of America (AIA).

Cobblestone Publishing 
Order archaeology, world cultures, and world history magazines for your classroom, such as Dig, Faces, and Calliope.

The Five Points Site 
Explore the excavations of New York City's famous Five Points neighborhood through this site-complete with artifacts, photos, and text.

Lost City of Arabia 
NOVA's Online Web site contains maps, artifacts, and interviews with archaeologists about their work, including the use of remote sensing, to find the city of Ubar on the Arabia Peninsula.

The Story of a Sherd: The Second Oldest Textile in Ecuador 
See how an archaeologist's investigation into a single pot shard leads to a better understanding of textile design.

For kids:

Dig: The Archaeology Magazine for Kids 

Check out the current issue of this fun magazine. Includes quizzes, fantastic factoids, and ask Dr. Dig.

Fun Stuff for Kidz 
Visit this section of to check out an ancient game board discovered in Petra, see what it's like to travel with a camel caravan, see pictures of kids who live in Petra today, and more.

Kid's Links! to Archaeology 
Check out these sites recommended by the National Parks Service.

Reconstruct-the-Pot Challenge 
Reassemble this Mayan pot to its former glory in this interactive online activity by PBS.

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