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Web List: Native Americans of the Southwest Myths and Cultural Information

Part of the Totems to Turquoise exhibition.

When searching online for sources for myths, begin with Native American cultural centers and tribal Web sites, museums, universities, and academic presses. Many people post personal pages in which the myths recounted may be overly simplified versions of oral traditions that bear little relationship to authentic stories. Significant changes to the language, style, or plot of a myth can completely alter its meaning. Look for authentic oral traditions to provide a richer experience for your students.
The University of Arizona Press posts excerpts from its publications on the myths of the Southwest, including the following:
Spider Woman stories from Legends of the Hopi Indians by G.M. Mullett
Hopi tales from Pages From Hopi History by Harry C. James
Coyote stories from Zuni Coyote Tales by Frank Hamilton Cushing
An annotated list of links to Hopi, Navajo, and Apache myths
For general information about Southwest Indian groups, explore cultural center Web sites such as the following:
The Indian Pueblo Cultural Center includes links to the 19 pueblos in New Mexico
The Council of Indian Nations provides brief descriptions of Pueblo, Navajo and Apache cultures
The Navajo Nation

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