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Totems to Turquoise is about material culture: how the things people make reflect their worldview and their lives. This comprehensive guide will help you explore the exhibition with your students. 

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Use these free online resources to further explore themes presented in the Totems to Turquoise exhibition.

Curriculum Materials

Booklist: Native American Myths

Compare contemporary myths with those from the 19th century. Read trickster tales from 55 tribal groups. And peruse illustrated Haida myths. 

Curriculum Materials

Web List: Museums with Native American Collections

We've made it easy to find and visit museums with Native American collections. Travel from New York to Santa Fe, Pittsburgh, and Vancouver—all with a mere click of your mouse. 

Structures & Culture

Curriculum Collection, Activity

Structures & Culture

These activities help students in grades 3-8 discover how everyday objects and architectural elements can be used to study different cultures.