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Vietnam: Journeys of Body, Mind & Spirit portrays the diverse peoples of Vietnam, reflecting the country’s distinctive cultural identity and conveying its long history. This comprehensive guide will help you explore the exhibition with your students.

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Use these free online resources to further explore themes presented in the Vietnam exhibition.

Secret Species (Science World)


Secret Species (Science World)

In the 10 years since the Museum's Center for Biodiversity and Conservation began working in Vietnam, they have found a small zoo's worth of animals. Meet some of these newly discovered species.

Vietnam Educator's Guide Activity: Rice

Hands-on Activity

Vietnam Educator's Guide Activity: Rice

Rice grows on more than 80 percent of Vietnam's farmland and is the country's main agricultural export. Take a look at rice's many shapes and forms; then cook up something that has your favorite!

Vietnam Educator's Guide Activity: Holidays


Vietnam Educator's Guide Activity: Holidays

What was once a harvest celebration in Vietnam has now become a holiday celebrating children, with toys, masks, and lanterns. Investigate the changing nature of holidays.


What Is Tradition? Vietnam

Altars decorated to welcome ancestors home for the New Year, a Mid-Autumn Festival where kids parade through their neighborhoods in masks and receive toys ... take a look at Vietnamese traditions, past and present.


Discovering Vietnam's Biodiversity

Now that peace has firmly taken hold in Vietnam, scientific research is flourishing once again. Meet some of the country's diverse animal and plant life, including many rare and endangered species.


Discovering Vietnam's Ethnic Diversity

Did you know that Vietnam has 54 officially recognized ethnic groups, speaking more than 50 languages? Explore the country's rich diversity with a look at the many traditions that define contemporary life in Vietnam.

Reference List

Vietnam Book List

Extend your journey of body, mind, and spirit with this list of recommended books. There are kid-friendly titles along with great reads for high school students and adults.