Vietnam Educator's Guide Activity: Holidays

Educator Guide Activity: Holidays

The Mid-Autumn Festival originated as a harvest celebration but has been transformed into a holiday largely for children.

  • Ask students to recall the features of this holiday (masks, toys, lanterns) from their visit to the exhibition.
  • Research the origins and current practices of some holidays in the United States. What features do they share with Vietnam’s Mid-Autumn Festival?
Vietnamese children walking a procession behind two fanciful human characters dressed in red.

The earth god and his companion dance in a lantern procession with children carrying star lanterns during the Mid-Autumn Festival. 

Photo: VME/Pham Van Duong


At the Mid-Autumn market on Hang Ma Street in 2001, this vendor’s wares were handmade paper maché masks, including Donald Duck; plastic masks from China, including the Power Rangers; and Pickachu, an internationally recognized figure from Japanese cartoons. 
Photo: VME/Pham Van Duong

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