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Instituto Sangari, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Part of the Water: H2O = Life exhibition.


Instituto Sangari, São Paulo, Brazil

Instituto Sangari is involved in various projects with the aim of disseminating the importance of scientific education for social inclusion and economic development, and advocates for discussion of education policy in Brazil at the national level. Founded in 2003, the Institute is part of the Sangari group which has been present for over 40 years in Europe, North and South America, Africa, and the Middle East, with a focus on developing tools for investigative scientific learning.

The Institute inaugurated Water: H2O = Life in a 29,000 square foot state of the art exhibition facility in the heart of Ibirapuera Park in São Paulo. Through an ongoing partnership with the American Museum of Natural History, the Institute brought Water: H2O = Life and other scientific exhibitions to 10 capital cities and hundreds of thousands of visitors throughout Brazil.

"It is our responsibility to bring quality education on water and sustainability to the next generation, and we work to encourage our youth to question and investigate these concepts. We are delighted with the opportunity to co-develop and host such a powerful and globally important exposition as Water: H2O = Life at a time when it is so vital to awaken curiosity and passion in our young people."

Ben Sangari
Founder and President
Instituto Sangari