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National Museum of Australia, Canberra

Part of the Water: H2O = Life exhibition.


National Museum of Australia, Canberra

The National Museum of Australia has a rich collection of rare historical artifacts and compelling personal stories which help visitors to discover what it means to be Australian.

The Museum is devoted to the preservation and interpretation of Australia's social history, exploring the key issues, people and events that have shaped Australia.

"Australia is the world's driest inhabited continent and the nation's history has always been linked to issues of water and its relative scarcity. We now face the added threat of climate change, which may have far-reaching impacts on the Australian environment and economy.

"The National Museum of Australia is proud to support the American Museum of Natural History in developing this major international touring exhibition on the environmental and cultural history of water and water use. We think this is an important exhibition that all Australians should have the opportunity to see."

Craddock Morton
National Museum of Australia