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Singapore Science Centre with PUB Singapore

Part of the Water: H2O = Life exhibition.


Singapore Science Centre and PUB Singapore

The Singapore Science Centre (SSC) is the national science centre of Singapore dedicated to the promotion of science and technology to students and the general public. It is one of the oldest and largest science centers in Asia, and achieves its mission through an extensive program of exhibitions and enrichment and promotional activities. Not only does SSC champion science literacy in society, it also plays a critical role in nurturing a future workforce in scientific professions.

PUB, Singapore's national water agency, manages the country's water supply, water catchment, and sewage in an integrated way. In 2007, PUB Singapore won the Stockholm Industry Water Award and was named Water Agency of the Year at the Global Water Awards 2006.

"The Singapore Science Centre is glad to be a collaborator of Water: H2O = Life. Water is and will continue to be a vital resource for Singapore, being a compact city-state with few natural resources. Through its involvement in this exhibition, SSC aims to impress upon visitors the beauty of water and value of this precious resource--water."

Dr. Chew Tuan Chiong
Chief Executive
Singapore Science Centre (SCC)

"The importance of having a sustainable and reliable water supply is essential to the development of cities. Indeed, sustainable water management is key to a country's well-being. As the world faces the effects of climate change and increasing urbanization, we need to be mindful about any impact that our actions may have on our environment."

Khoo Teng Chye
Chief Executive
PUB Singapore