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The Field Museum, Chicago

Part of the Water: H2O = Life exhibition.


The Field Museum, Chicago

Chicago's Field Museum is one of the world's great museums of science, environment, and culture, a focus of public learning and scholarly research. It is a treasury of more than 20 million objects from ancient mummies to endangered plants and animals to Sue, the biggest and most complete T. rex ever found. Above all, The Field Museum is an unforgettable experience for visitors of all ages.

Named for its founding donor, department-store magnate Marshall Field, the Museum first opened its doors in 1894. Today it presides proudly over Chicago's lakefront Museum Campus, its majestic halls and acres of exhibitions welcoming visitors from around the world.

Throughout the museum, scores of exhibitions engage visitors in the excitement and adventure of learning. You can explore an Egyptian tomb; watch real fossils being uncovered by skilled preparators; shrink to the size of a bug and discover the world beneath your feet; immerse yourself in the cultures and environments of Africa, China, the Americas; and much more.

"We are pleased to collaborate with The American Museum of Natural History on this vitally important exhibition. Like many cities, Chicago exists because of its access to waterways--the Great Lakes and a major river system; but too often we take for granted this precious and fragile resource. We hope that through this exhibition, the public will better understand how water provides and sustains life on our planet."

John W. McCarter Jr.
President and CEO
The Field Museum