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2014 Master of Arts in Teaching

On October 27, 2014, the New York State Board of Regents awarded Master of Arts in Teaching degrees to the second graduating class of the Museum's pilot Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) program with a specialization in teaching Earth science. These Kathryn W. Davis Graduate Teaching Fellows are fulfilling a commitment to teaching at high-needs public schools in New York State for four years. The Museum's pilot MAT program is the first freestanding master's degree program to prepare science teachers offered by a museum.

Interested in becoming part of the Class of 2016? Click here.

With deepest appreciation, the Museum acknowledges Kathryn W. Davis for her generous founding support of the Master of Arts in Science Teaching (MAT) Program.

The MAT program is supported in part by the New York State Education Department and by the National Science Foundation under Grant numbers DRL-1119444 and DUE-1340006.

Additional support has been provided by the Booth Ferris Foundation.

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