Deep Sea Vents Web List

Acoustic Monitoring Program: Deep Ocean Seismicity from Hydroacoustic Monitoring
Monitor the global ocean through underwater acoustics! This Web page offers recorded sounds of the deep-including submarine earthquakes, submarine volcanoes, whales, plus other deep sea sounds that are yet to be identified!

Earth Observatory: Sea Surface Temperatures
Sea surface temperature data can help scientists predict weather patterns, track ocean currents and monitor the growth of phytoplankton and precipitation rates-as well as help them monitor the effects of climate change. Investigate changes in sea surface temperatures over a period of months or years by creating animations on this Web site, which offers both globe and map views.

National Science Foundation: Antarctica's Import Role in Global Ocean Circulation
Global climate change predictions are made based on an understanding of Antactica's role in global ocean circulation. Explore the processes that connect the deep ocean to the atmosphere "on the time scale of decades to centuries" with this Web page overview.

NeMO Explorer: Concepts
Take a dive to a deep sea volcano! This Web site offers a "deep see" look at Axial Seamount, an active submarine volcano just off the Oregon coast. This site offers a 3-D model of the sea floor, photos, drawings, and animations of hydrothermal vents and lava flows-and the incredible story of the Rumbleometer!

Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory: Vents Program Geology and Geophysics
 Discover the NOAA/VENTS geology program in this Web site, which offers articles, interactives, video, photographs, and education materials for Web researchers seek to explore submarine volcanoes, earthquakes, and deep sea hydrothermal vents.

Texas Space Grant Consortium: Open Ocean Circulation
Take a ride on the "Global Conveyor Belt for Heat." This Web page offers an overview of global ocean circulation, including a map of global ocean currents.

U.S. Geological Society: Hawaiian Volcano Observatory
This Web site offers updates of the most recent activity of Kilauea Volcano using photographs, video, maps, diagrams, and explanatory "play-by-play" text. Check out today's news or explore archived updates.

U.S. Geological Society: Pillow Lava
Part of a photo glossary of volcano terms, this Web page offers a photo of a diver examining pillow lava off the coast of Kilauea Volcano, as well as an explanation of how and why pillow lava forms.