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Accessing Prior Knowledge

A discussion about winter snow and how humans use salt to limit its impact on daily life.

Baltimore winter

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Baltimore Winters

Baltimore and the Northeast receive high amounts of snowfall. These areas use road salt to help melt the snow and ice.

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How to Represent Data

What is the best way to represent the data in order to compare different data sets?

contextualizing data main image

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Contextualizing Data

Discuss the importance of adding benchmarks and population densities to the graphs.

urban heat island


Urban Heat Island Effect

In cities like Atlanta, the high concentration of buildings, roads, and other artificial surface areas retain heat, making urban environments up to 10° C  (18° F) warmer than rural areas.

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Bringing the Stories Together

How mundane or ordinary aspects of daily life can lead to environmental issues by disrupting ecological function (in this case abiotic factors).