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Two photos side-by-side. At left: a film still shot of a young Caetano Velosa, a Brazilian musician. At right: Brazilian filmmaker Marcelo Machado seated beside a small table.

Marcelo Machado
2012 | 87 mins | Brazil

In the late 1960s, Caetano Veloso, Gilberto Gil, Os Mutantes, and Tom Zé were creating the soundtrack to the artistic movement that sent shockwaves through Brazilian culture. Combining recently recovered archival material and encounters with these musicians and other icons of the movement, Tropicália shines a contemporary light on this vital moment in the history of the country—and of popular music around the world. A rare and thrilling document of the brilliant sparks that fly when art, culture, and politics collide.

Co-presented by Cinema Tropical

This screening will be followed by the 2012 Margaret Mead Filmmaker Award Ceremony and a Brazilian Dance party with Maracutu and the Nation Beat in the Wallach Orientation Center.

Whose Story Is It?

"This is the story of a group of young musicians who got together in a southern hemisphere metropolis to express the contradictions of a new world. The facilities of modern society arrived in Brazil in the mid 20th century. Television and electric guitars had a huge impact in this musical country. Some of the more traditional artists reacted against it, calling it imperialistic tools. The "Tropicalists" expressed the desire of those interested to live in a modern world and demanded the old anthropophagic behavior: to eat the foreigners to get their qualities. They welcomed rock and pop and incorporated the new mass media, therefore becoming a myth to my generation. So, this story is also mine."

-Marcelo Machado | Director, Tropicalia