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A Mountain Musical (Eisenwurzen: Das Musical)


Directed By: Eva Eckert
2008 | 52 min
Sunday, November 14: 4:00 pm

Kaufmann Theater
Filmmaker in person

A man tears out his wife's hair. A young poacher is shot down by his father. A pig is violently butchered. For the people of the rural and industrial communities that surround Erzberg, a mountain in the Austrian Alps that has been mined for its iron ore since Roman times, these lyrics comprise the stories of their lives. Far from the sanitized image associated with Tyrolean folk singers, these hard-working, hard-drinking people from the heart of Bavaria recount in their crisp, rippling yodel the grim and gay details of their lives with equal gusto. With a fine art photographer's eye for composition and the patience of a paid-by-the-hour psychiatrist, Austrian filmmaker Eva Eckert circles Erzberg coaxing the old-timers into performing these songs. The resulting film is both an ethnomusicology and a humorous but no-less-moving portrait of an all-but-vanished Alpine culture. 

Margaret Mead Filmmaker Award Contender

A Mountain Musical (Eisenwurzen: Das Musical) Trailer