A Self-Made Man

From the film "A Self-Made Man" a close-up photo of someone's arm getting a tattoo that reads "Create Yourself."

Lori Petchers
2013 | 56 minutes | U.S.
NY Premiere | Director in Attendance

This moving documentary examines the social and psychological dynamics of being transgender through an intimate portrait of trans youth advocate Tony Ferraiolo. Tony guides children as young at eight and their parents through the confusing journey of defining themselves when their physical appearance conflicts with their self-image. Even as he struggles to come to terms with the complexities of his own life as transgender person, he labors to offer safety and assurance to families immersed in an often frightening transition. A Self-Made Man navigates the issues Tony and his charges face with a tone both candid and compassionate—much like it's protagonist himself. 

Co-presented by NewFest and The Trevor Project

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What compelled you to see for yourself?
My work aspires to confront social norms and stereotypes.  In 2011, I met a transgender man who courageously does just that,and I felt compelled to share his story.
—Lori Petchers | Director, A Self-Made Man