And Who Taught You to Drive?


Andrea Thiele
2012 | 84 minutes | Germany, India, Japan
New York Premiere

Driving lessons become life lessons in this poignant and funny documentary, which turns the efforts of three people attempting to get their local licenses in foreign countries into a sly and warmhearted exploration of cultural difference and acceptance. American Jake in Japan; Mirela, transplanted from Germany to India; and Hye-Won, recently arrived in Germany from South Korea—each of these charming protagonists illuminates the joys and frustrations of navigating new rules of the road, revealing along the way much of themselves and of their adoptive homes. German-born and U.S.-based filmmaker Andrea Thiele was inspired by her own experience with driving tests in other countries, and she infuses her film with deft touches to which anyone who loves to travel (or hates to drive) will relate to. 

Co-presented by the Asia Society

What compelled you to see for yourself?
Nothing can replace to see for yourself.  Not even thousands of books, newspapers, TV stations, movies and documentaries.  It is unique.
—Andrea Thiele | Director, And Who Taught You to Drive?