Calle López

A little girl on a sidewalk waving to a procession of men on horseback on a street in Mexico City. One rider waves back to her.

Gerardo Barroso and Lisa Tillinger
2013 | 80 minutes | Mexico
U.S. Premiere | Directors in Attendance

This film occupies an unusual place somewhere between visual anthropology and art-house cinema: it offers up a microcosm of Mexican society, alive with implicit social commentary, but plays as a stunning work of cinematic poetry. Two photographers, Gerardo Barroso and Lisa Tillinger, move with their baby to the busy Calle López in historic downtown Mexico City, a bustling cauldron of everyday life so textured and vibrant that they become inspired to document it. Following the street’s residents with their cameras, they capture a parade of street vendors, beggars, and tequeros that becomes a kind of urban symphony in black and white.

Co-presented by Cinema Tropical


What compelled you to see for yourself?
Living in a country controlled and ruled by television enterprises, we think every day how promising it would be, how much our country would progress, and how crisis could be overcome if we would return to see for ourselves.
 Gerardo Barroso | Director, Calle López