Irish Folk Furniture


Tony Donoghue
2012 | 9 minutes | Ireland

Traditional farmhouse furniture in Ireland has its own culture and social history; old hand-painted pieces are often associated with hard times and poverty. This charming and beautifully composed stop-motion animated short lightens the weight of this history, following 16 pieces of what in many places would be considered folk art through repair, restoration, and their return home.

Plays with Allan Baldwin: In Frame

What compelled you to see for yourself?  
I had to see for myself because no one had previously explored filmically the relationship between Irish rural people and their furniture. The filmmaking process gave me the reason and the finances to explore the subject and the subject gave me endless possibilities for the film's structure. I decided to go with a structure that hopefully would appeal to both local people and people who had no reason to be interested in the plight of rural heritage.
—Tony Donoghue | Director, Irish Folk Furniture