Lalita Krishna
2012 | 74 minutes | Canada, India
U.S. Premiere | Director in Attendance

Mallamall, which literally translated means “bountiful goods,” offers a fascinating look at the struggle playing out on the battlefield of global capitalism. India is in the throes of a retail revolution as a burgeoning middle class looks for more Western goods and services. Modern malls have arrived to meet the demand, radically shifting the shopping culture and threatening the livelihood of traditional merchants. The landscape of retail is transforming from vibrant open-air markets with jewel-colored saris, aromatic spices, and feisty personalities to homogeneous, clean, and meticulously branded chain stores. One set of Indians is jumping on the modern mall bandwagon, enjoying new luxuries and heading up local efforts to further international investment. Another set vehemently protests the forces of globalization, fighting for the rights of thousands of bazaar owners and small farmers, as well as for a centuries-old way of life

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