Three Voices (Diario a Tres Voces)

Three Voices 3_1000

Otilia Portillo Padua
2012 | 61 minutes | Mexico
New York Premiere

Monserrat, 15 years old and effervescent, is asked out for the first time. Nora, 50 and divorced, pursues her former beauty through psychic healing. Aldegunda, 90 and a great-aunt, recalls her early romantic thrills and mishaps. Together, these women tell a universal story in Otilia Padua’s rich portrait. The film is shot almost exclusively indoors and at home, exploring the intimacy and confinement of interior spaces in the protagonists’ lives. Padua’s skilled eye for spatial relations—she’s trained as an architect—along with a rich visual palette of ‘40s Technicolor films, frame archival and original footage into an expressive study of womanhood in Mexico.

Co-presented by Cinema Tropical

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What compelled you to see for yourself?

"Mrs. Dalloway said she would buy the flowers herself. ”—Mrs. Dalloway, Virginia Woolf.

I started wanting to make a documentary looking at the extraordinary, and then switched to looking at the extraordinary within the ordinary. It was important to me to go start with stereotypes and then slowly unravel their depth, to start with a fairy tale and then slowly dismantle the fantasy of love. In the process of seeing for myself I also saw myself in others, it was a process of empathy that generated Three Voices.
—Otilia Portillo Padua | Director, Three Voices