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Culture Labs: Collaborations with Makers, Scholars, and Communities

The Mead has always been a destination for scholars, makers and audiences to meet, discuss, and consider the future of visual anthropology, new kinds of cultural storytelling, and the use of media in engaged anthropological practice. This year, we have invited artists, scholars, and media makers to discuss how their work explores the boundaries of art and anthropology.  Drawing on a significant historical tradition of ethnographic documentary, the panel participants will discuss how they are developing innovations in mediating culture both on and off screen through collaborative projects, new ways of interacting with audiences, and the possibilities offered by new media.

Introduced and moderated by Faye Ginsburg, Professor of Anthropology, and Director, Center for Media, Culture & History, New York University

Participants include:

Jim Enote, (Zuni), Interrupted artist and director of A:shiwi A:wan Museum and Heritage Center, Zuni, New Mexico.

Alex Kelley, filmmaker, activist and national producer for Big hART, an arts organization working with Australia's Indigenous communities.

Toby Lee, is an artist and anthropologist who works across video, performance, installation and book arts.  She is also the Collaborative Program Director at Brooklyn’s Union Docs.                             

Dave Liang, directs the Shanghai Restoration Project where Chinese culture meets hip hop and electronica, inspired by 1930s Shanghai jazz bands. 

Fiona McDonald is an anthropologist and founding member of the arts and anthropology collective Ethnographic Terminalia.                                                                                                      

Sean Vesce of E-Line Media, a collaborating organization on Upper One Games, an indigenous-owned gaming company that draw on local storytelling traditions.

Co-presented by Union Docs