Javier Corcuera
2013 | 120 mins | Spain, Peru
New York Premiere | Director in Attendance

“¡Kachkaniraqmi!” is a greeting among old friends in Ayacucho Quechua (a Peruvian dialect), and is roughly translatable as “I am still here!” It’s an expression of inner stability, perhaps a bit of machismo, and perseverance against the odds through a long and winding life. The film, which explores the musical traditions in every nook and cranny of Peru, formally reflects its catchphrase: through all the social and economic struggles of the nation, through rugged mountains, idyllic rain forests, and the bustling streets of Lima, the human musical spirit remains constant. The mise-en-scène is stunning, aspiring to capture the whole of a diverse nation in only two hours. Filmmaker Javier Corcuera was born in raised in Peru but spent the last thirty years in Spain, lending the film a sense of journey to the source.

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Co-presented by Pachamama Peruvian Arts