28 Up South Africa

28 Up 1000-2

Angus Gibson and Jemma Jupp
2013 | 144 minutes | South Africa
U.S. Premiere | Directors in Attendance

Patterned on the acclaimed British documentary project, this South African documentary series follows a group of people filmed first at age seven and then subsequently every seven years. The work offers a diversity of personal stories which collectively create a unique portrait of the social, cultural, and political history of a country. This fourth installment of the South African series, directed by Angus Gibson,the Oscar nominated director of Mandela and Yizo Yizo, captures a group of 28-year-olds, first filmed as children living under apartheid, whose lives reflect the dizzying and complex layers of change their nation has undergone in the two decades since the repressive system’s fall.  

Co-presented by UBUNTU: Music and Arts of South Africa at Carnegie Hall and British Consulate General


Past Forward, My Perspective
"It’s impossible to divide South Africa from its past. A belief in the power of traditional medicine cost Bonnita her life at nineteen. Marriage customs led Andiswa down the miserable path that she already dreaded at fourteen. But apartheid’s legacy, twenty years on, is still a shadow in every one of our character’s lives. It affects opportunity, it affects attitudes and its bitter taste informs the way in which we engage with each other."
- Angus Gibson | Director, 28 Up