Cast In India

Natasha Raheja
2014 | 27 min | USA
World Premiere | Director in Attendance

Cast in India offers a glimpse into the working lives of the men who forge manhole covers—the ubiquitous bits of daily life New Yorkers step on every day without thinking twice. Be transported to the factories where they are produced—bear witness to the pouring of molten metal and the dignity, hard work, and humor of the men who make them. Picturesque and utilitarian, discs that come half way around the world from Indian factories dot our city streets. 

Plays with Under the Palace Wall

Co-presented by New York University Department of Anthropology Graduate Program in Culture and Media

Past Forward, My Perspective
"Enlivening the objects around us, my film explores what connects and disconnects us across space and time. How do the objects that bring us together underscore how far we are apart? This year's festival asks us to reflect on whether we need to break with the past to embrace the future. What entrenched structures and conventions must we disassemble to recover the social relations that are increasingly obscured from our purview?"
-Natasha Raheja | Director, Cast in India