Elevator (Elevador)


Adrian Ortiz Maciel
2013 | 72 min | Mexico
New York Premiere

Director Adrian Ortiz Maciel takes us on a poetic trek up and down a historic Latin American high rise, capturing the ebb and flow of tenants entering and leaving. The President Aleman Urban Housing Complex was designed in 1949 to be an emblem of modernity in Mexico City and an oasis for up to 5,000 federal administrators, many of who remain there today. The film weaves together testimonials from operators and residents over the years, who recall the infamous withdrawal of federal support and its impact on their quality of life, alongside personal stories of bustle and community in the complex.

Co-presented by Cinema Tropical

Past Forward, My Perspective

"In 1949 architect Mari Pani designed the biggest housing complex in Latin America to the present day. It was a project that incarnated the ideals of modernity and wellbeing proposed by French architect Le Corbusier. Hundreds of families in Mexico City were persuaded to leave their older neighborhoods to live in the new urban utopia. Sixty-three years later its residents' needs and notion of well-being have changed, together with their perception about the Urban Complex."

-Adrian Ortiz Maciel | Director, Elevator