Flor de Toloache


Jenny Schweitzer
2013 | 4 min | USA
Director in Attendance

In New York City subway station, a dazzlingly dressed all-female mariachi band brings the platform to life. It’s a four-minute slice of life that captures the women’s bravery as they challenge the gender norms of their favorite music. With their spin, the jovial machismo associated with the folk tradition is re-imagined as brassy and embracing merry-making.

Plays with Jalanan

Past Forward, My Perspective
Mireya Ramos took bold steps when she founded her all-female mariachi band in 2008.  She grew up with mariachi music (her father was a mariachi singer) and landed herself stints in various male mariachi bands in NYC.  Rather than shy away from this historically macho musical genre, Ramos turns the tradition on its head.
-- Jenny Schweitzer | Director, Flor de Toloache