Invitation to Dance

Christian von Tippelskirch & Simi Linton
2014 | 86 min | USA
Director in Attendance

At age 23, en route to Washington with her husband for a protest against the Vietnam War, feisty New Yorker and aspiring dancer Simi Linton suffered a car accident that left her a young widow, unable to walk, facing an uncertain future. People with disabilities, she soon discovered, faced enormous discrimination and she joined forces with many others in the emerging U.S. disability rights movement of the 1970s. Invitation to Dance, co-directed by Simi, chronicles her remarkable life of constant activism, along with her determination to make dance a far more inclusive art, offering meditations and cinematic interludes on both the idea of movement and “the movement” for disability rights, reflecting her relentless quest for “equality, justice, and a place on the dance floor!”

Co-presented by Reel Abilities: NY Disabilities Film Festival

Past Forward, My Perspective

"As with all social phenomena, disability has a history with cultural traditions, linguistic conventions, and codes of behavior. While our film tells the personal story of Simi Linton’s life as a disabled woman, the film simultaneously shows how the history of a movement and culture has influenced and changed Simi and the perception of disability today. Her story is steeped in a legacy deeply familiar to the disability community. Invitation to Dance takes this history public, confronts shame, and opens up the dance floor to every body."

- Christian von Tippelskirch and Simi Linton | Directors, Invitation to Dance