Nina Maria Paschalidou
2013 | 57 min | Greece, U.A.E., Turkey, Egypt, Bulgaria
US Premiere

In the last decade, Turkish soap operas have taken the Middle East by storm, becoming one of the country’s greatest economic exports and inspiring cultural shifts across the region. Strong female characters and taboo-shattering plotlines have yielded sharp criticism in some circles, but the resounding response has been an embrace of the stories and characters that transcends religion and politics. Cities used as locations have become tourist attractions, characters’ names have become increasingly common for newborns, and—most remarkably—the region has seen a spike in divorce in the wake of a few highly publicized television divorces initiated by self-actualized women. Kismet offers a behind-the-scenes look at this phenomenon, with unprecedented access to the industry’s key directors, screenwriters, and stars. The film is interspersed with sociological commentary and the personal stories of women who followed in the footsteps of their heroines to fight for their rights.

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