Let's Get the Rhythm


Irene Chagall and Steve Zeitlin
2014 | 53 min | USA
World Premiere | Directors in Attendance

Discover the power of Miss Mary Mack! Let’s Get the Rhythm invites the viewer to explore the history of hand-clapping games on playgrounds around the world. Through wars and migrations, across language barriers and oceans, young girls connect with each other through thousands of variants—ancient as they are global. The film chronicles these rhythmic and recreational practices. Guided by three eight-year-olds from diverse cultural backgrounds in the New York area, it is a charming and beautiful survey with universal insight into the budding social mind.

Co-presented by City Lore

Past Forward, My Perspective

We are often so busy with the details of living that we forget to look inside.  Let’s Get the Rhythm focuses on girls' handclapping games to awaken awareness of the rhythmic designs that influence our lives. The legacy of the past is interwoven with our experience of the present. Childhood rituals provide a foundation for cooperation, collaboration and friendship.  Even something as simple as handclapping games can give us strength and help us honor the beauty of being present, and provide us with the courage to continue with a positive attitude."

- Irene Chagall and Steve Zeitlin | Directors, Let’s Get the Rhythm