Little White Lie


Special Sneak Preview!
Lacey Schwartz
2014 | 66 minutes | USA
Director in Attendance

Lacey Schwartz was raised in a typical upper-middle-class household in Woodstock, NY, with two loving parents and an emphasis on Jewish tradition and heritage. She has dark skin, but it has always been attributed to the complexion of her Sicilian grandfather. Only as a college student does Lacey begin to piece together a very big family secret, and her own racial identity; Lacey’s biological father is in fact a black man with whom her mother had an affair. Little White Lie documents the fallout from Lacey’s discovery, and the set of universal questions she has to address head on: how do we forgive our parents for the mistakes they made raising us? What is it that determines our identity—our bloodline or our cultural environment?

Co-presented by Be’chol Lashon

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