My Prairie Home

Chelsea McMullan
2013 | 77 minutes | Canada
New York Premiere

By turns melancholy, meditative, and playful, this is a road movie, a coming-of-age story, a musical, and a clever subversion of all these genres. My Prairie Home follows transgender singer/songwriter Rae Spoon on a cross-country journey punctuated by Greyhound Bus rides, cheap motels, and the vast open plains and depthless skies of the Canadian western prairies where Spoon grew up and lives. A poetic combination of interviews, performances, and delicately rendered musical sequences create an impressionistic atmosphere where Spoon’s struggles with an evangelical father and evolution as both an artist and a person are revealed in intimate, quirky, and moving detail, with Spoon’s beloved prairie home playing a prominent role in shaping their music and life. 

Join us before the screening for the Margaret Mead Filmmaker Award Ceremony

Co-presented by NewFest, The Trevor Project, and Rooftop Films

Past Forward, My Perspective
"Our image of the past is always massaged by the perspective of the present. But our present perspective is based on past experiences. Change isn’t really a binary of progress or decline; I believe we are all in state of parsing out what is progress, what is antiquated, and what is fad.  My work is very heavily engaged with the weight of tradition and legacy; in My Prairie Home I tried to explore the idea that something is a part of you though you might not necessarily be a part of it."
- Chelsea McMullan | Director, My Prairie Home