Santa Cruz del Islote


Luke Lorentzen
2014 | 20 minutes | USA, Colombia
New York Premiere | Director in Attendance

Off Colombia’s Caribbean coast 50 miles from Cartagena in the San Bernardo Archipelago lies the tiny Santa Cruz del Islote, unofficially the most densely populated island in the world. This beautiful depiction of life on the island shows a peaceful community, isolated but increasingly dependent on the outside world for resources and jobs as the environment changes and sea level rises.

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Past Forward, My Perspective

"Santa Cruz del Islote’s community is not held back by pre-modern traditions, but its economy is dependent on increasingly scarce resources. The lucrative fishing that encouraged the overdevelopment of this island has dwindled, and the subsistence of Islote has become increasingly uncertain. Many residents are breaking with traditional roles as fishermen, turning to industries of tourism on nearby islands, but it is unclear to what degree this new industry will develop. Further complicating the situation are the difficulties of moving one’s family from rural tranquility to urban chaos, as the norms of island life are often of little significance among city streets. My film attempts to illustrate the complexity of cherishing a peaceful way of life that can no longer continue with ease, due to environmental changes and the increasing demands of globalization."

- Luke Lorentzen | Director, Santa Cruz del Islote