The Darkside

Warwick Thornton
2013 | 94 minutes | Australia
Director in Attendance

A fisherman in checkerboard shorts recalls a mostly pleasant run-in with the ghost of a young aboriginal girl; a mischievous youngster tries his best to be spooky; and a celebrated author discovers the archive where she is working has a sordid history as an institute of anatomy where Indigenous skeletons were housed. These are just a few of the stories featured in The Darkside, award-winning Indigenous director Warwick Thornton’s plunge into the “other side.” This atmospheric hybrid documentary explores how Aboriginal people in Australia live on the threshold of two worlds—one of everyday reality and the other of spirits and ancestors. Thornton assembles a collection of poignant, funny, and absurd ghost tales from across Australia and sets them elegantly to film with some of Australia’s most iconic actors. These storytellers are framed in settings that are alternately lush, surreal, or theatrical invoking a sense of the uncanny long associated with Australia.

Preceded by the Mead Mixer, a daily happy hour in Café on One from 6–7:30 pm

Co-presented by ImagiNative Film Festival, the Australian Consulate-General, and NYU Center for Media, Culture, and History