China Remix

Melissa Lefkowitz and Dorian Carli-Jones
2015 | 29 minutes| China, U.S.A.
Directors in Attendance

Guangzhou is home to China's largest community of African immigrants and a burgeoning international hip-hop scene. The short film China Remix observes the lives of three African artists at this unique intersection as they face challenging labor and immigration laws hoping for a chance of success in this land of opportunity. 

Co-presented by the New York University Center for Media, Culture and History

Plays with Double Happiness

Thresholds, My Perspective

When it comes to African migration, Americans tend to think about the geographic and structural boundaries between Africa and Europe. However, to look only to the West would be to ignore a developing migratory movement heading in the opposite direction, toward the East. Our short documentary, China Remix, explores the lives of Africans living in Guangzhou, China, where boundaries are crossed, met, blurred, and pushed every day. Here, cultural boundaries are crossed by Chinese-African marital bonds; structural boundaries are met in the face of China’s stringent immigration policies; identity-related boundaries are blurred as Africans grapple with their image in China’s heavily censored media; and global boundaries are pushed as entrepreneurs leave their homes to pursue lives as professionals in a world that, more often than not, views them as refugees.

- Melissa Lefkowitz and Dorian Carli-Jones | Directors, China Remix