Closing Night: In a Perfect World...

Daphne McWilliams
2015 | 75 minutes | U.S.A.
New York Premiere | Director in Attendance
Closing Night Film 

Daphne McWilliams, a filmmaker and single mother in New York City, observes the dramatic turn her relationship with her son, Chase, takes as he enters high school and begins to outwardly process a childhood without a father figure. In her first feature documentary, In a Perfect World…, McWilliams turns the camera on her family to document its painful history and transition. To illuminate some of the universal struggles of paternal absenteeism, she interviews a diverse group of men who were raised by single mothers, exploring the requisite dynamics of this family unit. Firefighters, artists, and politicians alike speak candidly about their experiences of being a man raised by a woman. In a Perfect World… is at once an American self-portrait and also an ambitious reflection on the modern family.