Earth’s Children (Hijos de la Tierra)

Diego Sarmiento Pagán
2014 | 14 minutes | Peru

Created entirely by members of the Kechwa-Lamista native community of Chirigyako, in the Peruvian Amazon, as part of the Indigenous Amazonian Video Project, Earth’s Children follows a group of kids as they go about their day: picking bananas for breakfast, singing as they walk to their farm, working on the land, and playing at hunting. 

Followed by Icaros

Thresholds, My Perspective 

" Earth’s Children was born in conjunction with the Indigenous Amazonian Video Project, which aims to teach documentary filmmaking skills to indigenous people in the Peruvian Amazon. These workshops took place in the Kechwa-Lamista native community in San Martin. The goal of the project is to produce short-documentaries created completely by the inhabitants of the indigenous Amazonian community. Being conscious of the current threats that the intangible safeguard of Peru’s cultural heritage is facing, this project hopes to utilize video technology to preserve and amplify the voices of the participating indigenous communities. The overall objective of the project is to strengthen indigenous identity, by providing the skills and necessary tools to manipulate audiovisual technologies to these communities. This project gives to indigenous citizens the opportunity to transmit the richness of their culture, their customs, and local traditions with the world."

- Diego Sarmiento Pagán | Director, Earth's Children