Love Marriage in Kabul

Amin Palangi  
2014 | 85 minutes | Afghanistan, Australia
New York Premiere 

Mahboba Rawi is a strong-willed Afghan-Australian woman dedicated to improving the lives of young people in need. The founder of the organization Mahboba’s Promise, she is a mother figure to thousands of orphans and widows whom her programs support. Abdul, one of these orphans in Kabul, is in love with Fatemeh, the girl next door. The two have been exchanging romantic letters for almost a year and hope to marry each other one day. Fatemeh’s father has other plans—and a dowry demand that goes far beyond Abdul’s means. As Mahboba intervenes on Abdul’s behalf, a drama unfolds that delineates the vulnerabilities of the disenfranchised in Afghanistan, the sometimes-cruel realities of traditional marriage arrangements, and the resilient power of love.

Co-presented by the Australian Consulate-General