One Dollar Series: The Guide Boy (Episode 5)


Phally Ngoeum
2014 | 8 minutes| Cambodia

On a mountain known equally for its mythical associations and its history during the Khmer Rouge period, 12-year-old Chre works as a tour guide, eking out a meager living. Though his hardships seem insurmountable—his mother died when he was a toddler and his sister migrated to Thailand, leaving him the sole provider and caretaker of his sick father—his resilience is their equal, as he dreams of getting an education and improving his professional prospects. 

Followed by Lady Stone, Minister of Papaya, and The Last Refuge

Co-presented by the Asia Society

This program highlights the work of the Bophana Audiovisual Center.  Co-founded by Cannes-award-winning director Rithy Panh (The Missing Picture, 2013), the center is dedicated to restoring and protecting Cambodian audiovisual heritage and training new filmmakers. 

The One Dollar Project commissions short films that showcase the daily lives of people living on less than one dollar a day.