The Ladies

Hands dusted with flour on a wooden cutting board with flat pieces of dough and flour. Left hand is holding a dumpling cutter roller.

Tyler Zoanni
2015 | 13 minutes | U.S.A.
Director in Attendance

A group of Ukrainian women gathers in New York’s East Village, as they have for nearly 50 years, bound by the ritualistic preparation of dumplings for their church. This delightful observational documentary offers an evocative snapshot of a small but enduring segment of New York City’s always changing culture.

Co-presented by the New York University Center for Media, Culture and History

"For nearly 50 years, the Ukrainian women in The Ladies have been gathering to make dumplings for their church. An act of charity, this gathering is also a way of facing and bridging—though never overcoming, and if only for a few hours—the many boundaries these women live with every day. In gathering, these women find connections to their language and culture amidst the gentrification of a formerly Ukrainian neighborhood, reflect on the thresholds of life and the losses that come with aging, and debate whether their work will have a future after their own deaths—all with a great deal of humor and moxie."

- Tyler Zoanni | Director, The Ladies