A History of Cuban Dance

A young man in white tank top and jeans dances in the middle of street with onlookers standing around. Low buildings and graffiti walls behind them.

Lucy Walker
2016 | 8 mins
Country Produced: USA
Country Featured: Cuba

Virtual Reality Lounge | Hall of Northwest Coast Indians
Friday, October 14 | 4 - 10 pm
Saturday, October 15 | Noon - 6 pm
Sunday, October 16 | Noon - 6 pm

Award Ceremony and Cuban Dance Party
Sunday, October 16 | 7 pm | Wallach Orientation Center

Plunge into virtual reality with this remarkable project filmed on location in Cuba. Witness local dancers progressing chronologically through Afro-Cuban rumba, mambo, cha-cha, salsa, break-dancing, and into the present day with reggaeton. Optional narration discusses the broader context of Cuban history as reflected in their ever-changing moves. Graceful, inspired, and sexy, these dancers form a tapestry of their nation in an immersive VR experience.

Re:Frame, My Perspective

“I prefer to observe than to dictate. I prefer to respond than initiate. And I love to use my senses—eyes and ears, and even my sense of how I’m responding emotionally with quickening heartbeat or sweating, or psychologically with increased attention or, conversely, increased distraction as well. And I prefer to stay in the present moment rather than prejudge or post-justify. Staying in the present moment and in the mindset of learning and receiving and communicating help guide me in framing.”

—Lucy Walker | Director, History of Cuban Dance

Gear VR headsets provided by Samsung.