Adriana Vila Guevara
2016 | 94 mins
Countries of Production: Venezuela, Spain
Countries Featured: Venezuela, Ecuador, Puerto Rico
North American Premiere | Director in Attendance
Sunday, October 16 | 2:30 pm | Program F4

Belén was a musician and cocoa farmer in a small Afro-Venezuelan village. On the surface, she appeared to be a local phenomenon, revered in small circles for her deep commitment to community and positive acts. But her way of life resonates far and wide throughout her extended family of African-Americans, and the story of her life—and supremely ritualized death—has become a near-religious source of inspiration and motivation well beyond her humble origins. An unconventional portrait, refracted through memory and lore, pieces together stories of Belén’s everyday struggles, bamboo drumming, and beliefs surrounding issues of spirituality, gender, and race. Explore an inquiry into inspiration and a reminder of the potential impact of one human life.