Farewell Ferris Wheel

Jamie Sisley and Miguel Martinez
2016 | 70 mins
Countries of Production: USA, Mexico
Countries Featured: USA, Mexico
NY Premiere 
Sunday, October 16 | Noon | Program F10

Mexican workers make up 80 percent of the labor force in the United States’ carnival industry, and for three decades nearly all of them have been recruited by one person using the controversial H-2B Visa program. New regulations have begun to put a strain on this arrangement, jeopardizing both the industry and the livelihoods of those who service it. Explore a nuanced, intimate view of this process and industry, where the search for better opportunities, the potential for exploitation, and the viability of struggling businesses collide.

Co-presented by Cinema Tropical

Plays with The Queen of Coney Island 

Re:Frame, My Perspective

“For Farewell Ferris Wheel, we tried to put ourselves in the shoes of each character in order to empathize and better understand the choices they make. We hope this approach humanizes each character. Our goal for the film is to increase awareness about the difficulties legal migrant workers and their employers face with trying to live within the boundaries of the law. We hope that showing both sides of the story will help serve this purpose.”

—Jamie Sisley and Miguel Martinez | Directors, Farewell Ferris Wheel