Island to Island


Jacqueline Louise Hazen
2016 | 20 mins
Country Produced: USA
Country Featured: USA
World Premiere 
Friday, October 14 | 4 pm | Program F16

Oli is an ancient form of Hawaiian chant, and an integral part of the islands’ culture. With no written language, oli was the primary means of preserving oral histories, as well as a source of entertainment, even a form of prayer. This film tells the story of two men living in New York who are initiated as kahu oli (caretakers of the tradition) in a time when only a select few are fluent in its nuances.

Co-presented by the New York University Center for Media, Culture and History

Plays with Mele Murals

Re:Frame, My Perspective

“Creating a film’s frame shapes the space of your audience’s visual and aural focus, which is extremely powerful. But I believe that the parts of filmmaking that aren’t necessarily ‘in frame’—working with my interlocutors while planning, shooting, and editing—help ground the film’s frame in ways that originate from outside my single perspective.” 

—Jacqueline Louise Hazen | Director, Island to Island