Mele Murals

Tadashi Nakamura
2016 | 65 mins
Country of Production: USA
Country Featured: USA
Friday, October 14 | 4 pm | Program F16

Two renowned Hawaiian street artists follow different paths back to their roots, and their personal journeys collide with the recent resurgence of native language and tradition in Hawaii. Estria Miyashiro, who studied art in San Francisco and became an international graffiti star, comes home to reconnect with his culture; John Hina (a.k.a. Prime), a local icon of the Honolulu graffiti scene, returns to his art after becoming a family man. Collaborating with a group of Hawaiian youth from the rural community of Waimea on an ambitious mural project, their journey traces the arc of modern Hawaiian identity, the challenges of connecting with tradition in the face of modernization, and the transformative power of public art.

Plays with Island to Island

Re:Frame, My Perspective

“Indigenous communities have historically been filmed through the gaze of the Western world and therefore seen and presented as the foreign “other.” Mele Murals is a production of ʻŌiwi TV, a media company run by Native Hawaiian filmmakers. When Native Hawaiians are the ones behind the camera, framing their own sacred traditions and places, a space is created where they are able to define and redefine who they are, for themselves.”

—Tadashi Nakamura | Director, Mele Murals