Seven Songs for a Long Life

Amy Hardie
2015 | 82 mins
Country of Production: USA, UK
Country Featured: Scotland
NY Premiere
Sunday, October 16 | 2:30 pm | Program F21

Six patients in a remarkable small hospice in Scotland share glimpses into their final days, fraught with feelings of fear, acceptance, grief, and love. Encouraged by the gifted nurse Mandy Malcomson, the patients, including Alicia, a retired midwife, and Julie, a 23-year-old with cancer, write songs and create music videos to tell stories for their families and the outside world. The songs are woven together with simple, unsentimental footage of everyday life inside the hospice, suggesting that all stories have different endings. The film affirms the importance of home, ritual, poetry, and music as essential to accepting the transience of life.

Co-presented by the British Consulate General New York

Re:Frame, My Perspective

“I enter a creative collaboration with the people who allow me to film them, editing and screening my rushes to them, as I go. That moment of showing something edited to the subject is a potent catalyst for deepening our dialogue and our understanding of how we each see the other. It creates energy and, usually, enthusiasm, allowing us to use the frame of the camera as a shared space for filmmaker and subject to play."

—Amy Hardie | Director, Seven Songs for a New Life